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Little Minions: Whizzle

on April 20, 2012 - 3:18pm

Whizzle ain't so bright. But like his Ma always told him, it ain't smarts but hearts that get you through life. 

"My sweet Whizzy" she'd say, "don't you know peoples want to have a pint wit them who's makin'em happy, and not them who's showin' off all the time? Don't you worry, my luv. You show'em your winnin' smile and you'll see what I's talkin' about."

When people first meet Whizzle, and learn his neighbourhood nickname is W(h)iz Kid, they're confused, or think it's a way to make fun him. "Nah" say the locals, "Whiz kid's a wiz at figuring out how to make anybody, anywhere, feel better. He's a sorta...empathic genius". 




dave the dead's picture

Thanks for bringing Ghoul Friday's creativity back! hehehehe.
I'm liking the coloring and finish on this one Ghoul. Nice work.

Ghoul Friday's picture

Ha! Don't forget "Thanks for settling down enough that GF can actually sculpt a little" ;)

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