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Happy Booday to Me

on March 25, 2012 - 11:28am

Spring has sprung, but instead of flowers, it brings with it some monsters in the making.

In between puppy chaos, I've managed to experiment with some new figures, changing up my style a bit which has been fun. I'm excited to see how they come together, and trying to think outside the bit when it comes to my designs. Now, none of these are revolutionary, but I think taking a step to the right of my usual style is a good thing. 

And it's about time I was hit with inspiration. Show season is sneaking up quickly and like old Mother Hubbard, my cupboards are bare. 

It's my birthday today. I almost forgot about that too. When you're spinning wildly, time has a way of being elusive. 

Today I am off to lunch with a friend (and perhaps a stop for a pint or two) while Yetch babysits Monkey Boo. He's been away to Denver all week, leaving the pup and I on our own. I took the opportunity to do some crash course puppy self-control lessons by staying with my mom and her pack of dogs. Monkey is pretty good around the older dog but wants to wrestle full throttle with Padfoot the Irish Wolfhound. Paddy can fit her whole head in his mouth (even though they are the same age). She doesn't even blink at his size. Even Paddy recognizes she's a wild pup (as you can see from the picture below).


Yetch made me a cake from scratch (yay Yetch) and has taken the reigns of puppy care for the day. I love the little whirlwind but could use a break. In fact, part of my Birthday may indeed be spent laying on the couch, relaxing. It doesn't sound very exciting, but when you've been trying to stay one step ahead of a rambunctious puppy for a week on your own, it starts to sound like a bit of heaven. 


Aly's picture

Hey there!

I'm sorry to say I didn't see that you had a birthday on Friday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope
it was a fabulous day!

Your lil Boston is absolutely adorable! My sister is a fan of the breed and currently has 3.
They were rescued from local shelters where they weretaken from 2 seperate mills.

Anyway, have a great day and again such a lovely HAPPY APUPPERZ!

Dave Simpson's picture

Happy Birthday Friday! The new stuff looks good. The Pic of Paddy & the Pup is hilarious :)

Pam Morris's picture

she sure is cute! the new creation looks great as well!

Mark's picture

Happy bday

Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)'s picture

...on HauntForum, but I'll say it again so it seems like a longer celebration - Happy Birthday!

Love the look of the new figures - a little freshness and changup are good things, and they still retain that Ghoul Friday style.

The demented dog photo is hilarious. When it comes to attitude, size doesn't matter to a dog:)

Bloody Melly's picture

Your little Monkey Boo is adorable. And your new TOT'er is very cute, with his little treat bag (or was it a she?)
Hope to see more of you around soon! It IS almost halfway to our favorite time of year...

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks everyone! I had a great birthday (I got to leave the house and walk in the city and have lunch like a real person). 

Trying to get more figures done. I should have asked for a puppy nanny as my present. 

Dave the Dead's picture

for not keeping up with my blog reading. happy Birthday GF! It's great to see you sculpting again. I'm ready to see what type of creatures have festered in your brain during your off-time. Is there any chance you could send me a bottle of that fresh puppy-breath smell?

halloween spirit's picture

Hope your day was enjoyable (and relaxing). Monkey Boo does indeed look like a handful!

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