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Team Puppy Presents: Puppy

on February 29, 2012 - 11:02am

Here she is folks. The newest addition to our family. We still haven't decided on her new name officially, but have caught ourselves calling her Monkey Boo. Early in the name brainstorming process I'd liked Monkey for a name but Yetch wasn't sold on it. Then Boo made the top of the list. Last night we learned that while she answers to Honey, her foster family also nicknamed her "Monkey Pants" as a term of endearment.

So while we haven't made a conscious effort to name this dog an obscure moniker, I have the feeling Monkey Boo is going to stick whether we want it to or not. We'll see. 

I'm off to lay down while she's still napping.



Salar's picture

Congratulations on the puppy - looks cute! My old roommate has a boston terrier as well named Gatsby. He's a super intense, frantic little dude.

p.s.: prepare yourself for the puppy-gas, apparently it's because of the short snout!

Cooter's picture

Monkey Boo is a fantastic name (although trainers will disagree). We call our pooch all sorts of things *wink* so I wouldn't worry with any one name until the Vet needs to have it for the record!

BTW ... you'll be getting something in the mail soon! :)

Ali's picture

Awww bless her little heart. She looks very contented. I hope she settles in well

Mrs. Cooter's picture

on the new addition. She is adorable. I know you will make great Furparents.... Good luck with your new furbaby...

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks gang! We're glad the process is all over and hope to get her a clean bill of health soon. 


dave the dead's picture

Welcome home Monkey Boo! You are now fermous!

Lisa's picture

She's adorable! Congrats on your new addition to the family!

@trishca's picture

This was a wonderful moment in my day and I don't get to hug the puppy. Thanks for posting.

Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)'s picture

I think this little girl is going to keep you hopping. Congratulations on making it through the adoption process!

HayBudden's picture

Holy crap she is perfect, is that a smile or a smirk on her, I'd like to think it's a smirk.

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks everyone ;)

Definitely a smirk and yes, that is a glint of Satan in her eyes.He came out to play at around 5:30 yesterday (what we call puppy crazy hour). 

She's wonderful and I love her, but I cannot wait until she's a bit older. With bladder control. And an understanding of housebreaking. She's quick picking up (not perfect yet) Sit, Wait, Fetch, Down, Watch Me. And that's in 2 days of training, so she's smart which is good, and gives me hope for the housebreaking. 

We go to the vet today for the second round of shots and to test her again for the parasite and worms. She SHOULD be clear of both now *knock on wood* but might need a second round of meds (Puppy Mills, man. They need to be shut down). 

Not having to scrub our hands every time we handle her will also take a lot of the pressure off this puppy business.

I think Vodka might help too ;)



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