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Christmas Markets and Krampus

on December 18, 2011 - 8:39am

Today I'm off to frolic in the Distillery District for the last day of their Christmas Market. It's the closest thing Toronto has to a traditional market like the ones in Europe (I've been blessed with having the chance to attend one in Munich).

It will be a full-on Christmas injection: carolers, mulled wine, reindeer, Santa and probably the act of spending too much money.

The one thing it will be missing is Krampus, so I thought I'd share this video of the Krampus parade in Austria. I know we often throw around the word amazing, but in this instance it's not only fitting, but perhaps understated.

Now excuse me while I plot a way to convince Yetch to take me to Austria for next year's parade.


Colleen's picture

Krampus is amazing... It's a shame the tradition didn't carry over here to the US. I would LOVE to go and *maybe* even participate in a parade like that. Simply amazing.. I definitely wouldn't mind donning horns! <3

Kelly's picture

I have never heard of a Christmas Market, that would be awesome to get to go to! Hope you had a great time.

Cindy's picture

How did I not ever hear about such a thing? This is AWESOME! My husband gets a little overwhelmed with all the happy cheery, stuff at Christmas. This would certainly take the edge off of the sugary sweet aspect of the Holiday season. :)

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