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A Toast to Old Man Ludo

on November 18, 2011 - 3:15pm

I am one of those people who, when pressed, will admit to being a skeptic and pessimist; that I believe, overall, the world is full of terrible beings. 

While people can be wonderful in moments, I still think we encounter more negative spirits than positive ones. Or at the very least, tend to show each other our more selfish sides than sharing our giving, loving selves.

There are few things (and I mean a trickle in the stream) in this world that always reminded me that we're not all lost in this bungled existence. At the top of the list was Ludo. 

I've had many dogs throughout my life, but this creature was different. He was some strange little benevolent gentleman in a furry body; my touchstone whenever I had just about given up on hoping the universe would redeem itself.

Today we took the old man for his last car ride. Before heading to our final destination, we stopped at his favourite place in the world (besides home): a leaf-lined path through the woods up north. We didn't stay long or travel far, but even in the short stroll he was able to take in his weakened state, he seemed more alive than he has the past few weeks (though still heartbreakingly ill). Or maybe more at peace than he has been. 

Death is sad, yes. And losing a creature you've a bond with is devastating. But more than that, the world moves on, not knowing it's lost one of the few lights in the gloom. So today, in my own small way with this post, I wanted to make sure as many people as possible knew that one of those lights has been extinguished.

So raise a glass to the old man. Bid him a deserved farewell. Toast all things and people that bring light into our lives. And tonight I'll light a candle because my world has gotten noticeably darker.


Dex's picture

Salud, Old Man Ludo!

mumblyjoe's picture

Both close to 15. Hope we can find a way to send them off that is half as dignified and respectful as you did for Ludo. My sympathies and my complements.

Ghoul Friday's picture

mumblyjoe: thanks. Wish I could do more to honour him. And I hope your kitties are snuggly warm and purring. Doesn't seem to matter we know they're getting older and their time is growing shorter. It's still awful when it arrives.

dave the dead's picture

Good dog.

Kimbooly's picture

I'm so very sorry.

Lisa's picture

{{HUGS}} for you. He was a grand old man! I just lost one of my purr-babies yesterday to an illness he was hiding from me - so my heart totally cries with you!

Dianna's picture

May he be as blessed and wonderful on his next adventure as he was on this one! *hugs*

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks everyone. I know it may seem silly to some, but this little online tribute and your responses help.

I think I'll be quiet online for a few more days while I mourn his passing.


Lisa: I'm sorry for your loss too Lisa. If only they could talk, we might be able to do more for them. So many times I wanted Ludo just to tell me what was going on with him. 


Cooter's picture

Sorry to hear about the passing of old man Ludo. We'll pass along some extra lovings from our 2 pooches your way!

Pam Morris's picture

oh, I'm so sorry...I'm sitting here crying for your loss because I know what a terrible empty feeling it is when these wonderful furry companions of ours must go on to the next place without us. sending you so very much sympathy and many big hugs. take care. he was adorable!

Vanessa's picture

We just lost our kitty last year, so I know what you're going through!
It's never easy losing a pet, especially one so special. :( Sending hugs and good vibes your way.

HayBudden's picture

This is very sad news. I was informed of your loss when I got in late last night and it broke my heart, especially because I truly believed that Ludo was going to rebound, if only just for a little while longer. You have honored his memory well here in this post and I hope you and your Mom find solace very soon. Words at this time always seem to fall short, so I will leave you with a hug.

Carollynn's picture

thank you for sharing Mr. Ludo and what he meant to you. While is no longer with you, he will never be forgotten. That is his legacy, and what I hope you will remember - if there was one light such as him, surely there must be more out there. Its up to you to find them.

Pensive's picture

I am so sorry. Two years ago, we had to go through this experience with my sweet Ellie Mae. I'm brokenhearted again for Ludo.

Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)'s picture hear of your loss. Reading your post and the responses brings tears to my eyes for I, too, like so many others, have taken a well-loved pet on that final ride. We were blessed with the entertaining (and occasionally annoying:) ) companionship of our cat Rachel for 18 years and our dog Jessie for 15. They entered our lives as babies, enriched our existence, and served as examples of the joys of unconditional love. I'm grateful for the many years I had with them and, in a funny way, equally grateful for the strength to be there with each of them when they passed.

Here's to Ludo and the light he brought to your life. We share in your grief and loss, and also in the hope that a new light will brighten your life.

halloween spirit's picture

That was both beautiful and heart-breaking. My sympathies.

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories and sympathies. Since I'd usually spend some time hanging out with the old man whenever I was feeling particularly down or overwhelmed, it's been harder to break through the melancholy. But there's less teary moments today, and I found myself making the occasional funny comment for the first time in a long time. 

I DO think we need to send a petition to God or the Universe or whatever is running the show, asking to extend the lives of our beloved pets. It's only fair, considering how many terrible people get to live far longer while contributing nothing to those around them. 

I'm hoping that if there's a heaven, our pets are there. And they can talk. And I can buy Ludo a cheese & beef flavoured single malt whiskey and he can tell me what went wrong, and then we can reminisce about the important things. Me: "Remember when we played hide and seek?" Ludo:"Yeah. That was awesome". Me:"Yeah." 


Jaybo's picture

Our pets are more than pets. They're our guide posts and treasured family members. They show us so much love, that it's hard for us to comprehend. If people could show devotion and loyalty even a tenth as well as a good dog, there would be no problems in this world. It's not fair that their lives are so much shorter than ours. It hurts so much when we lose one of these cherished souls. But, at least we had the privilege of knowing such a glorious being. For a short time, they open their hearts to us and make us better people. They show us what we can become when we love. There are lots of horrible things in this world, but that just makes the good things that much better. I'm sorry for the pain you feel for Ludo, but remember that will fade over time. The love never goes away.

Dave's picture

Just wanted to say that I thought it was really cool of you guys to bring him to the path for a last walk. It must have been heartbreaking for you, but I'm sure he enjoyed it! Bye Ludo.

ShellHawk's picture

I'm so glad he got to walk in his favorite place, and was loved by wonderful people like yourself and your family.
How many of us can say the same?

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