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Who is Ghoul Friday?

I'm a Canadian artist living in Toronto, Ontario. When I'm not transforming my house into a ghoulish scene at Halloween, I'm creating mini-monsters for local shows in the city (and occasionally, for sale online).

But that's jumping to the end of the story. Here's the beginning...

It started when my mother let me spray paint a tombstone on the concrete wall of our basement for my Grade 4 Halloween party.

It was my first real Halloween party, and I wanted it to be great. I constructed a haunted house the length of the basement and lead people through dangling, slimy snakes hanging from the ceiling - just one example of the many forms and obstacles waiting for them in the shadow. I hadn't gotten over my fear of the dark, and I was deathly afraid of being in the basement alone (never mind with the lights off), but to make sure I could see well enough to safely guide each guest one by one through the haunted space, I sat alone in the pitch black basement for 20 minutes before the party goers even started to arrive.

That's when she was born, the little ghoul in the basement. Since then, she has come back to me every year, usually in late summer, ready to build creatures for Halloween. Sure, she's there throughout the other months, peeking through my eyes at the newest horror film being released, or tickling my neck so I turn to see the brochure for the Festival of Fear coming to the city.

But it's in August when she whispers "Is it time to sit in the dark?"

Yes Friday. It's time. What friends shall we create this year?


Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks for letting me know you like the website :)

I'm a fan of those little pumpkins too. I've been meaning to do a 'how-to', but haven't had time to write one up yet. I'll announce it in a blog when I finally find some time to complete it.

A Nameless Minion from Belgium's picture


I just wanted to say that I like your projects! I was looking for some Haunted House ideas ( as this is new in Belgium)... I really adore the little 'cute' pumpkins!

Have fun, and enjoy halloween 2009!

The Horror Zine's picture

Nice site you have, Ghoul. :) I've just launched a new e-zine that is looking for submissions of dark short stories, poetry, and artwork from morbidly creative people. Your site seems filled with the type of people I am looking for. Please see the submission guidelines at and I thank you. Jeani Rector, Editor, The Horror Zine

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I love the fact that I am not alone in the excitement of Halloween...
My earliest recollection of Halloween is my best friend and I sitting on either side of the stove chanting spells and stirring a big pot of hot liquid (dyeing the fabric for our first witch costume) at the age of about 5. Halloween is the creative release that starts as you are putting away the decorations from last year..... Tina

Natanightmare's picture

Hi Ghoul, I Love your site, It’s one of the best I came upon. I have to say Halloween is my favourite time of the year. Joy and excitement overcomes me every year when this season comes creeping around the corner. I have more Halloween decorations then X-mas. My friends and family think I’m totally crazy but I love every minute of it. I’m like a kid in a toy store.

I’ve always bought my props but they get so expensive…I love your projects and thinking I should take the time to learn how to make my own. You have a great talent. I to plan adult Halloween every year and I’m always looking around for something new to add.

Keep it up, it’s amazing!

Red Sonja's picture

I love your blog! Been checking it out for the past few months. Isn't this time of year the best! And I really love your H'ween music list, it's wonderful!! Nice to hear some different tunes. Thanks so much for posting a link to it.

I hope you have a fabulously scary Halloween!!

Ghoul Friday's picture

I haven't had much time lately, but wanted to make a point to come by this page and thank you folks for leaving me such lovely comments. I may not have responded right away, but I HAVE been reading them. And I do appreciate them.

It's comments like these - where like-minded spirits share their enthusiasm for Halloween and the projects and the site - that make it all worth it.

I hope you come back and visit often. And be sure to say hello on the blog now and then! Happy Halloween :)

sixXx's picture

LOVE your site, LOVE you short/simple/sweet bio. How awesome it is to have found you and your wonderous werks! ive NEVER thought of making a trip to the great north (though not that far, im in oregon) i want to plan a trip next year i think. LOVE this stuff.. .thanks for sharing!

Mary 's picture

Just wanna say that I really love your site and all the horrific pieces of art that you make:) Lovely little story from your childhood which I can quite relate too.. I've allways had a fascination for the dark side and Halloween:) I came over your site some time before Halloween this year and was delighted to be able to peek into your world of creative how too's on Halloween props and ghoulish posts:)

Can't wait for the next;)

Hillbilly Zombie's picture

You ain't right in the head! That's probably why I like you so much!


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