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Preview of Ghoulish Goodies for Sunday's Show

on October 17, 2011 - 10:53am

Have I mentioned that I have a show on Sunday in Toronto

I've been working like a mad woman, trying to get everything ready.

It's going to be tight. 

I still have Halloween props to work on.

And sleep. Sleep is important, especially if I want to ditch this bug once and for all. I was sick on Halloween last year, and don't care for a repeat of that. 

So much to do, so little time!

This will probably be my last show for the year, so if you live in the area and are hoping to pick up some of my items for Halloween or Christmas, be sure to come see me at the Bazaar of the Bizarre!

On that note, I'll leave you with a set of images of items that will be for sale on Sunday.





BloodyMelly's picture

Hey Ghoul!!! I am interested in those wreaths!!! Can you e-mail me and let me know what size, how much etc? I am doing a second tree for Ch*****as (can't say the word! Kimmy yelled at me) and I need some more ornaments!
(or message me on FB)

Ghoul Friday's picture

Will send you a note ;)

KingUnicorn's picture

I used to complain that Christmas was infecting Halloween when I'd see stores putting out trees and lights just behind the Halloween displays. But now - now, you're leading the charge to turn the tables!

I loved your ornaments, but the nutcracker concept is simply too perfect. I'm looking forward to your report from the show this weekend. I'm willing to bet I know how these pieces are going to be received. Good luck with the final preparations!

Dianna's picture

You are the Master!! Bravo!! I wish I lived closer.....

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