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Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion: The Building

on October 2, 2013 - 2:51pm

Welcome October! I'm a day late posting my greeting to the greatest month of the year. Currently posting in my pajamas, home sick from work. But before you feel too sorry for me, know I am grateful to catch the cold that's infecting most of Toronto now, as opposed to the last couple of weeks. Why? Because I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando for the first time ever. 

The timing was perfect (and deliberate) because the Magic Kingdom is decorated for Halloween in early September, and they host Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party on certain nights.

More on that later.

Right now the focus is on the Haunted Mansion. I spent my entire life avoiding any video or photographs of the Haunted Mansion. After viewing a special as a child that showed the dancing ghosts, I swore I'd see it in person. As such, I didn't want to spoil anything about it until I could take in all the surprises with my own eyes, live and on location. 

Decades passed. Who knew a trip to Disney World would elude me so long?

As part of the haunter community, it was inevitable that I would be exposed to the Madame Leota prop (though I never saw the original, only the haunter's version).

It was getting to be an impossible task. Enough was enough.

Finally, last month, I visited.  

If you've never seen it in person, I do encourage you to do so, both during daytime and nighttime, for when darkness falls the building is bathed in lights that slowly change colours from reds and purples, to greens and blues.

I have many more pictures to come, and will post throughout the month. It IS the Countdown to Halloween, after all. 


halloween spirit's picture

Have not been there for their Halloween celebrations, sadly. Perhaps one day . . .

Ghoul Friday's picture

HS: I'll be posting Disney Halloween pics all week. It might encourage you to raise it on your priority list. Easily one of the coolest Halloween things I've ever done. THE coolest. 

Stacy's picture

This will be our 5th year attending the Halloween Party at Disneyland in CA. It is so much fun! I am jealous though because the Halloween Parade at DisneyWorld is much more elaborate than the one we get at Disneyland. Plus, you get to see the Headless Horseman ride down Main Street! Lucky ducks! Looking forward to the rest of your pics!

Ghoul Friday's picture

I've been contemplating a trip to Disneyland but haven't decided if I want to do Halloween or Christmas. I feel like I SHOULD attend a different season, but Halloween is so much fun at the parks :) The Headless Horseman was pretty cool. Only got to see him one night because it was raining the second time and it's too dangerous for the horse on the slippery concrete (apparently they had a nasty fall last year - horse and rider - which must have been traumatic for everyone).

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