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Coffin Couches

on December 19, 2008 - 10:00am

coffin couch
Dear Santa,

I realize you don't have much room on your sleigh, but would you consider bringing me a couch from for Christmas? I've been a good ghoul all year.

You don't even have to bring me this particular one. Use your own discretion and choose from the many different colours in their online catalogue. You see, Santa, not only would you be making me happy, you would also be helping the environment as most of the 18 gauge steel coffins used to make these couches are collected from funeral homes local to the company.

I realize that going all the way down to Southern California and then straight up to Southern Ontario might be a bit out of your way in regards to your usual route, but think about it, please?

Or work it into your plans for next Christmas.

Love, Ghoul Friday

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