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**Chalk Outlines

on September 20, 2011 - 5:26pm

This would best suit a party that has a murder scene or gory theme of some sort, but could be played at any Halloween gathering.

The concept is simple (if not a bit morbid): choose a handful of volunteer guests to have their forms captured in a police scene chalk outline and challenge the remainder of the party goers to guess whose outline belongs to whom.


I am going to suggest you get a roll of butcher's/brown paper, some markers and some tape. You could do this with actual chalk on cement, but I think your guests would much prefer standing.

Game Play

  1. Ask for some volunteers who won't mind not being involved in the guessing part of this game
  2. In a room away from the rest of the guests, have tall sheets of paper taped to the wall
  3. Ask your guest to stand against the paper. Trace their outlines onto the paper behind them. Omit costume wings or other items that clearly set them apart from other guests
  4. When all of the volunteers have had their chalk outlines completed, reveal the set of images to the party guests and have them guess which chalk outline belongs to who


Splatter red paint on the sheets of paper you are using (before the guests arrive) to create blood spots for the chalk outlines.

Allow guests to decorate the chalk outlines (either before or after they have been revealed).

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