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Catacomb Creations

on August 22, 2014 - 2:32pm

I wanted to start making art people could hang. I know that shelf space is sometimes limited, and personally I like having cool things on my walls. I came up with the Catacomb Creations. Each one has a small wire loop that allows you to hang the item, but it's also hidden so you can display it any way you want. 


ShellHawk's picture

I can't help but notice how much your style has evolved and developed over the last few years. Great offerings!

ScaryMary's picture

Long time, no see! I decided it was time to check in on my blog and old blogfriends again:) I'm so happy to see, that you're still making your lovely dark sculptures. Good idea, with sculptures that can hang on the wall! I agree with you, shelf space tends to be limited.. Our old living room had sort of old style, built in shelf, that ran all around the room. Miss that shelf sometimes, here in the new house. It was really practical, for small whimsicals and displays.

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