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Canned Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

on March 22, 2009 - 3:47pm

Canned Pork Brains in Milk gravy
King Unicorn sent me a link of interest for my Brains vs. Coffee debate. It lead me to this image of canned pork brains in milk gravy.

One serving has 1170% of your daily cholesterol.

Once the nausea subsided, I decided to do some research. Armour Star foods, which brings you such tummy-turning snacks as Treet Luncheon Loaf, is part of the Pinnacle Foods Group family. Their website reports that in 1948, Armour made the first deodorant soap Dial (at the time they'd been making soap as a by-product of the meatpacking process. Ew). I guess it makes sense since most of their food products make me feel unclean.

Which brings me back to the canned pork brains. Sadly(?), Armour no longer makes the product because the overall demand for it was so slight (shocking, I know). Apparently there were even recipes offered to enhance your pork brain experience.

Canned Pork Brains in Milk gravy But don't despair! You can still purchase the rival canned pork brain product here made by Rose Brand.

I've been able to track down a recipe and a video highlighting the product.

If you're curious to see what the product looks like, this video shows two people sitting down to dine on a plate of canned pork brains (warning: there's a few simulated and possibly real images of people throwing up at the start of the video. If you want to skip those, fast forward to the 25 second point).

This video came from where a visitor wrote the following response to the video:

I saw your Youtube video on Pork brains. As a kid and as an adult, I ate them at least once a week. My grandma mixed them with scrambled eggs. That is where you get the dish "brains and eggs." You made the mistake of eating them out of the can. That's just gross. Everyone knows, they have to be "cooked up" in bacon grease. Once you fry the brains in bacon grease, they break down. At that point, you add the beaten eggs. Then scramble the entire mixture until fluffy. The only thing left is to plate the brains and eggs and eat them.

Sorry Jeff in Chattanooga, I just don't think that's the problem.

Perhaps if it was fresh brains in a homemade milk gravy, I wouldn't be quite so grossed out. I recognize brains is a delicacy served around the world, but the tin-taste that is sure to accompany this highly processed "food" can't possibly be classified the same way.

I have no plans to serve this at my next Halloween bash, but perhaps others will.

And now for the big question: where does it stand in the Brains vs. Coffee debate? Coffee wins.


Jim Beranis's picture

It's a shame Armour stopped making this, Rose's brand appears soupy and nasty whereas Armour's was processed into wafer's of differing thickness and diameter and excellent tasting on crackers. If I see Rose's in a store I'll try it in scrambled eggs, but never as a cracker topper.

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