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Burnt Brittle!

on November 8, 2011 - 4:41pm

The last traces of this year's Jack O'Lantern - the seeds - have been mistreated. 

I had been saving them to make the Pumpkin Seed Brittle recipe I've been eyeing for years, resisting the urge to snack on their toasted goodness while they waited patiently in a container in my office (Yetch would have devoured them otherwise). 

Today I found the time to make it. Had it heating up on the stove when I thought "oh! I should have my camera and take pictures for the website".

By the time I ran into the other room and retrieved the camera, my brittle went from light toffee to deep amber.


Yetch is still very pleased with the results.


Scary Mary's picture

Mmmm this also looks yummi!! We usually bake them with salt. This looks interesting though, a little different than what we usually do:) Have to remember this one for next year!

Mark's picture

That is a good idea. Wonder what it taste like?

Pam Morris's picture

ooooh, that looks SO yummy! difficult recipe?

Ghoul Friday's picture

Scary Mary: I salted the seeds. Gotta love that salty/sweet combo!

Mark: like butter-based candy ;) (caramels/toffee)

Pam: SUPER easy to make. Just don't burn it like I did lol

shadowmistris's picture

That sounds tasty! For the record, when we toast our seeds we don't bother washing them. We just squeeze off most of the slime, then salt them and throw them in the oven :) I'll have to try the brittle though!

Ghoul Friday's picture

I know sometimes people even leave bits of the pumpkin flesh on the seeds on purpose for flavor. I tend to have a harder time properly drying them out prior to toasting if I don't give them a quick rinse first (I'm pretty good at most cooking details but making something simple like the perfect toasted pumpkin seeds eludes me on so many occasions. Removing the flesh is a failsafe for me!).

Pensive's picture

I hate it when things like that happen. Glad Yetch is still pleased.

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