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Brushing Up on the Classics

on September 25, 2012 - 8:33am

My VCR died. 

Joke and laugh about my retro entertainment means, but when you have a solid collection of favourite films on VHS and a limited budget, one tends not to be in a rush to convert an entire catalogue of film to DVD. 

I still have one working VCR/TV combo, but I know it's only a matter of time before that fails me as well. 

I didn't realize how often I dip into my VHS collection (especially between September and December when I'm working on holiday items) until my recent loss. I knew I used it, but I used it a lot. And while my modest DVD collection is made up of films I like to watch over and over, I don't want to do so within a week. 

For my viewing pleasure, I have acquired some new films for the Halloween season. Starting from right to left in the photo, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Spencer Tracy (which I had never seen), House of Wax with Vincent Price (which I've always wanted to own), as well as Freaks and The Haunting (both of which I already own on VHS). I burned through that as soon as the package arrived. I do love an inexpensive 4 movie collection of what I consider to be some of the best classics. 

The City of Lost Children is a movie I've wanted to see for over a year now, but was never able to get my hands on it locally. This was the splurge, if you will. My Halloween treat to myself, saved for when I'm not doing anything at all but paying full attention to the beautiful darkness on screen.

And finally, a devilish deal for less than $15, the Heroes of Horror Collection with movies from Price, Karloff, Lugosi, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. From White Zombie to The Last Man on Earth, there's more than 25 hours of monster movie classics to keep me busy for a while. Well, it should get me to October at least. 




Megan's picture

The City of Lost Children is a film I haven't seen since I was a kid and could never remember the name of it until you posted it here so thank you! :) I've got to ask though, what store did you find it in? I've never seen it on DVD let alone VHS. I'm dying to watch it again...

I recently replaced my VHS copy of Dark Crystal with its DVD counter part for this same reason.... there is a certain appeal for watching VHS tapes.... with a good bowl of popcorn, of course.

I hope you've been well, Ghoul Friday. :) My little bottle of owls has a nice home next to my other Halloween-y stuff... it's becoming a year round Halloween shelf, really. :)

Ghoul Friday's picture

Hi Megan!

I am glad to have solved that Scooby Doo Mystery for you :) is currently selling it for $15. 

There is something nostalgic and comforting about popping in an old VHS tape, especially when it's a movie from childhood.

I've been busy (trying to get items ready for my next show in Oct), but ok thanks. Hope things are going well with you and you're ready to celebrate the Halloween season. And for the record, I heartily approve of having a year round Halloween shelf and am proud to contribute to such a thing!



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