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Boneyard BOOtique

on August 8, 2008 - 10:25pm

Flower with skull centre
For years, Spiderbaby (as she is known in the Haunting world) has been making jewelry, but it was only recently that her husband, Dagon began adding his own artistic expressions to her work. The result? The Boneyard BOOtique.

The couple, both fans of horror and Halloween, felt that others might appreciate their zombie and skull pendants and pins. Thus was the birth of their humble Etsy store.

We both really get into Halloween, horror movies, metal music, Gothic styles, and anything spooky so our art and craft projects reflect those interests. It also shows in the way we dress, our house DragonWyck Manor, and our two hearses.

(Two hearses? TWO? *sigh* I live in Toronto. Where am I going to park a hearse?)

Brown zombie face pendant
The majority of the items are made of beads and sculpey, and most pendants are roughly the size of a penny. The faces come in colours ranging from bone white, to gruesome green, to brown (I didn't have a good scary adjective starting with 'b').

The one item that sticks out from the rest is Gar-Pig-Bear, a red stuffed animal with very sharp teeth. "Gar-Pig-Bear is an endangered species from the swamps of Mississippi. They were hunted nearly to extinction because of their habit of eating small children."

Brown zombie face pendant
You can learn more about the couple on their new blog, half skull pendant

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