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Mutterings of a Mad Woman

Retro Rudolph's

on April 22, 2009 - 11:39am

Vintage Halloween art by Lori RudolphI love posting about Canadian artists. It's an extra treat when they are extremely talented and live in the same province as me.

Boils and ghouls, let me introduce you to Lori, the master craftster behind Retro Rudolph's. She's responsible for the beautiful vintage style Halloween creations you see here. She also makes some great party hats, horns and candy bowls.

Lori has been working with paper mache since 2005 and (like myself) suddenly found a whole new world of art waiting for her.

Unlike myself, she has a wicked workshop area where inspiration in the form of Halloween goodies watch her create.

I do have the same jack o' lantern lamp as her though.

I've been meaning to explore the world of vintage Halloween for a year or so. It's nice to know that if I don't get around to making my own, there's an artist nearby whom I would gladly purchase items from.

Bill Basso's Beastly Art

on April 21, 2009 - 9:04am

October Shadows by Bill Basso
I've had Bill Basso's website bookmarked for weeks. His art is so beautiful I feel as if I should apologize for delaying this post.

William Basso's father, Bill Basso Sr, has also done some Halloween art. Talent and creativity runs in the family:

Growing up in a household where both parents were artists exposed Bill Basso to all types of art from a very young age. Combining equal amounts of horror movie magazines and comic books with Renaissance or Eastern European art, for example, helped to shape Bill’s artistic sensibilities.

Last Day for the Underbiters Mini Contest

on April 20, 2009 - 7:09am

Underbiter Group Shot

Monday April 20th is the last day to submit a question for the Underbiter mini contest I'm running. If you submitted a question and it isn't posted in the Question and Answer Section, it means I've missed it somehow. Please contact me or leave a comment here.

When Yetch has judged the entries, I will contact the winners.

The Underbiters: Yarp

on April 19, 2009 - 7:08pm

Yarp of Ghoul Friday's Underbiters
Yarp is the last of the original Underbiter clan.

Yarp is attracted to things that make noise, including horns, bicycle bells, whistles and drills to name but a few. The louder the noise, the more excited she gets. In all the fun, she risks being discovered by sounding a deep call of her own: YARP!

If you've ever been using a noisy appliance or gizmo and turned it off because you swore you heard something, chances are it was Yarp getting carried away.

Favourite foods include all things plastic and chalk.

Airborne Skull and Crossbones Watch

on April 17, 2009 - 12:10pm

Skull and crossbones airborne watch
I have to credit for finding this little beauty.

Normally I don't like military-inspired design, but this Bell & Ross Instrument BR01 Airborne watch is suh-weeeeeet.

As you can see, it has a photoluminescent skull for 'optimum night readability' (i.e. it glows for prime spookiness).

They are only making 500 of them, and haven't listed the price. Which means I'll never be able to afford one.

It's also quite lovely in the light, but I know I'd constantly be cupping my hands over the clock face to make it glow.

Breaking a Rule to Help Yetch

on April 17, 2009 - 9:09am

Yetch Draws a Monster RobotNormally, I only blog about things related to monsters, art and Halloween. Today, I am going to break that rule (but will have a follow-up blog post to make up for it).

My darling Yetch has become 1 of 500 finalists who are trying to win a Nissan Cube. They are giving away 50 which means he has a 1 in 10 chance.

They judge based on interesting contributions (highlighted online and on the contestant's hypercube canvas) and votes. You can vote for any contestant once a day.

Yetch has even made his own website to show his nerd wizardry and enthusiasm for the contest (and all things open source/creative commons). He even made that drawing of the monster robot (so I'm almost staying true to my blog rules).

Vote for him once. Vote for him once a week. Vote for him once a day. Just please vote between now and May 15th. Hopefully he can stay in the top 50.

I think the car is neat, but I mainly want him to win because he's been so excited by the whole process. It would also mean the hideous forest green, dented car that acts as a planter in my back yard would finally be towed away.

The Underbiters: Curious Pete

on April 16, 2009 - 12:01pm

Curious Pete of the Underbiters
Curious Pete has proved to be the most meddlesome of all the Underbiters. I'm sure in other households he might go completely unnoticed, but in mine he's impossible to ignore.

As his name suggests, Pete is intrigued by the world around him. He likes to get inside items to see how they are made or what makes them work. This sometimes includes electronics, which he'll explore but rarely nibble on. Items made of clay, however, can be quite tasty to his palette.

Turns out Pete is especially interested in Halloween props.

Recently I did a blog post about mini pumpkins I created. I'd made 13 of them and had intended to title the picture "Haunter's Dozen". When it came time to take the picture, I could not find one of the jack o' lanterns.

Then I spotted Pete running by, accidentally ramming into the wall before disappearing.

Little Jack O Lanterns

on April 15, 2009 - 3:08pm

Ghoul Friday's Mini Pumpkins

With the dark shroud of flu lifting from my frame (and apparently shifting to cloak Yetch once more *sigh*), I emerged from my couch cocoon to finish the final details on these little pumpkins carved from Super Sculpey.

Ryan Wood

on April 15, 2009 - 9:38am

Ryan Woody ScarecrowRyan Woody Ghoulsmire
Very quick blog this morning. No biographical information to be easily gleaned about Ryan Wood, so I offer you two examples of his whimsical approach to the macabre. Scroll through his blog and you'll find it dotted with dark treasures (I'm fond of his witches).

The Underbiters: Skelespun

on April 14, 2009 - 12:56pm

Skelespun of the UnderbitersSkelespun. Of all the Underbiters, he's the most unpredictable and feral.

Note the scratches and scarring around his left eye; proof of many battles with rats, squirrels and neighbourhood cats. His victories have cost him - he has partial vision or complete blindness on the left side (I can't be sure how serious it is).

Skelespun is a scout, patrolling the territory for intruders. Though his eyesight is impaired, it doesn't effect his agility or skill. This may be because of the tiny spike on his head. It would appear our little friend's cranial appendage acts as an antennae of sorts, similar to the sonic radar of a bat.

Don't bother trying to sneak up on him.

He's nocturnal, preferring the darkness but is drawn to shiny things, collecting them like a crow. If your earring goes missing, or you have a broken zipper, Skelespun is most likely to blame.

Favourite foods include buttons and safety pins.