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Mutterings of a Mad Woman

Someone Chose Brains

on March 28, 2009 - 9:26am

Brains on Toast mock adDiane, a faithful visitor and friend to this website, has started a new blog called
Wouldn't You Like to See Something Strange.

Yes. Yes I would. I always do.

She found this image showing that not all of us are still debating between brains and coffee.

Gorgeous Skeleton Sculptures by Saúl Hernández

on March 27, 2009 - 11:36am

No time to chat about it, but really there's not much I can say about the sculptures of Saúl Hernández besides stunning, breath taking and truly amazing.

See and learn more through the link above.

Sketch Theatre

on March 27, 2009 - 8:58am

Sketch Theatre
Gather round, my little ghouligans, and watch the equivalent of an online artist sideshow.

I've recently discovered a website called Sketch Theatre where you can watch some of your favourite artists create a sketch from start to finish.

A camera is positioned above the artist as they draw. The video is then played back at high speed for all to watch.

I was happy to see Greg Craola Simkins is the newest addition to their featured artist list. I've
blogged about Greg in the past. Worth a look for anyone who isn't familiar with his work.

But don't stop there. Check out their whole catalogue of artists. You'll find people like Travis Louie and Michael Broom as well.


Resurrection vs Reanimation

on March 26, 2009 - 12:09pm

Jesus Zombie by
I love zombies. I love zombie walks. I love being tongue-in-cheek when it comes to Jesus (I expect he has a wonderful sense of humour). With that in mind, you might think I would automatically support the Boston Zombie Outbreak scheduled to take place on Easter. But let's talk about this.

A little birdie by the name of zombiehorde tweeted today about the Boston event and I thought I'd check out what the hubbub was all about.

According to a couple of sources online, 2 years ago the zombie lovers had their march on a Saturday. Crowds of people dressed in zombie gear took to the streets in all their reanimated glory, converging at a main square in the evening hours. On that occasion, organizer Alli Auldridge pointed out there was no meaning behind the zombie walk except to have fun.

So what's changed?

It seems they decided 'with the mythology of the holiday in mind' to have this year's march on Easter Sunday between 12 pm and 4 pm. I would think a time slot like that increases their chance to cross paths with church goers and little Easter egg hunters. Was this intentional as well?

Glenn Liddell who is an organizer behind this year's event had this to say in a statement to a local news source:

Mini Monsters: Experimenting with Super Sculpey

on March 26, 2009 - 9:18am

Sculpey Monsters

Yesterday afternoon I did some experimenting with Super Sculpey. I've only used Sculpey once before, so most of my time yesterday was spent getting to know the medium. As I experimented, a new face appeared in front of me, and I couldn't bare to squish him back into oblivion.

This pattern repeated itself until I had a small army of unfinished mini-monsters. I call them The Underbiters.

I haven't given them hands yet (I kind of like them without hands, but I think they need some) and the bodies need some touch ups, but I'm pretty happy with how my first real session went.

I'll be adding a tutorial as I learn more about this product.

p.s. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes!

Birthday Brains

on March 25, 2009 - 9:21am

Birthday Brains for Ghoul Friday
Total self-indulgent blog today. Fellow haunter Dave was kind enough to sketch me up some birthday gruesomeness.

He must have done it while taking a break from the anchor and sign making happening over in his monster workshop. Made me smile. I love the half-crazed, half-delighted expression on the character's face.

I'm off to start my day. First will be a stop to get my license renewed (boo), but then I plan to hit the art store and stock up on some Super Sculpey. I've neglected this medium in the past, and decided it was time to play around with it. We'll see what little critters come of it.

Besides, I can't think of a nicer way to spend some time on your birthday than making monsters.

Early Birthday Present: Lenore

on March 24, 2009 - 10:58am

Vinyl figure of Lenore, the Cute Little Dead GirlTomorrow, March 25th, is the birthday of the woman whose head I live in. An early birthday gift was presented which has brought me much delight.

This is Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl and she is sitting on the desk as I type this. The poor soul in the snake's belly is Ragamuffin, her sidekick.

Roman Dirge is the artist. He's created both a comic strip and short animations of Lenore and friends.

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to Lenore. I really enjoy the illustrations, but the online impressions of the artist leave much to be desired. I'd actually given up completely as a fan of this character because I couldn't find any good leads on new projects or even merchandise.

The big bad Sony copyright machine closed the only decent site where you could get a good sense of Dirge's work (speaking of which, not sure how long that link I posted above will be of any use). I can understand wanting to control how your work is promoted, but the webmaster wasn't making any money off the fan site. More importantly, the artist himself is but a scattered presence on the Web.

Chairs of a Feather Sit Together

on March 24, 2009 - 9:17am

Keeping with yesterday's furniture theme, I'd like to share another chair with you. This one comes from FiveTen Studio and will set you back $7500.

It's completely covered in black feathers. I can't imagine you could sit on it without harming the delicate plumes, but it is nice to look at.

I first spotted this on Badder Homes and Gardens, a designer blog with an edge.

Organ-ic Fabric?

on March 23, 2009 - 1:04pm

organ tableclothThe folks over at Aksel Creations are doing some interesting things with fabric design.

We'll start with the simple and elegant organ tablecloth (pictured left). Understated creepiness is always a plus in my books. I like that it's subtle, and visitors may not recognize what the design is at first glance.

It's part of graphic designer Aksel Varichon's 2008 'Home Flow' household linen collection. You can buy similar oven mitts, aprons, place mats, and pillows.

Or you can skip the pillow and purchase an arm chair, choosing from 4 different designs (pictured below).

There wasn't any prices listed on the website, which indicates I can't afford it. But perhaps a rich bone-daddy out there might want to pick it up as, oh I don't know, an early birthday present for a certain ghoul?

Canned Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

on March 22, 2009 - 3:47pm

Canned Pork Brains in Milk gravy
King Unicorn sent me a link of interest for my Brains vs. Coffee debate. It lead me to this image of canned pork brains in milk gravy.

One serving has 1170% of your daily cholesterol.

Once the nausea subsided, I decided to do some research. Armour Star foods, which brings you such tummy-turning snacks as Treet Luncheon Loaf, is part of the Pinnacle Foods Group family. Their website reports that in 1948, Armour made the first deodorant soap Dial (at the time they'd been making soap as a by-product of the meatpacking process. Ew). I guess it makes sense since most of their food products make me feel unclean.