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Archie McPhee: Eating Brains and Taking Names

on January 21, 2009 - 6:03pm

I can blame metalchick666 over at Skulls and Bacon for introducing me to a treasure trove of pointless gadgets I must have and am in danger of wasting money on. I'd followed the link that lead to the cute monster bandages I would proudly wear, and decided to explore the site some more.

It was then I realized Archie McPhee ("Eating Brains and Taking Names for 25 years" - an actual slogan that came up on-screen) is home to endless streams of kitsch and subculture! Including, but not limited to, this fantastic remote control zombie.

And I kept looking. Deeper and deeper I tumbled, loving the tv dinner napkins and other retro gear. But I'll focus on the darker goodies for this post.

various zombie mini-figures

Things like Glow-in-the-Dark Zombie Play Sets...

skull and crossbone ice cubes

...and a skull and bone ice cube tray...

plastic demons to hang off glasses

...and cute plastic cocktail demons...

And possibly my personal favourite, a zombie pet shop.

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