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Another Little Minion with Pumpkin Features

on September 1, 2010 - 2:55pm

Every single time I saw this little guy, I couldn't help but get The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead by XTC stuck in my head.

Of course, the figure is far less political than the song.

He was, perhaps, the second minion to go to a new home at the convention. I know he went fast enough to cause a hesitant shopper who'd come by the table earlier to lament their decision to not snatch him up when she had the chance.

I always want to put up a sign that says "If you really like it, please buy it now because it will be gone the next time I see you." Such is the nature of one of a kind pieces. I don't have that sign, of course, and if I ever do you are all allowed to throw stones at me because it just seems in bad taste. But I still always feel bad for the people when they discover a certain piece has been sold. And it happened a few times this weekend.

Anyway, I really like how he turned out. I wasn't sure how the pumpkin might look with eyeballs, but it certainly gives him an animated appearance. Might make a few more similar to him in the future. He added a certain festiveness to the table.

I also got to play with more gathering of material at his feet. I really like the look of them wearing cloaks too big for them, that have some wear. Makes me think they've just gotten back from an adventure and are just fooling me into thinking they are inanimate by standing still.

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