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Aaron Blecha and His Cartoon Monstrosities

on January 24, 2009 - 7:57am

Blecha alien
You may have seen his work on the Cartoon Network or through Warner Brothers. If you haven't, come sit by me and get to know Wisconsin-born Aaron Blecha.

It's the editorial work he's done while living in London that caught my eye (for example, the images posted below).

While I enjoy animated shows, there's something that changes just beneath the surface of a cartoon when you take the same animation artist and apply their skill in a different medium for an older audience: the corners are a little darker; the characters are a little edgier; there is a commentary to the unspoken story.

That's not to say Blecha's zombies are terrifying, of course.

Blecha zombies

And his army of goblins aren't going to give me nightmares either, but both teams of characters appeal to me as an adult and as an oversized kid who hasn't grown up.

Blecha editor trolls

Blecha angry snowman
He's also created A Field Guide to Midwest Monsters in partnership with fellow artist Jason Felix. The characters are certainly not for tiny tots.

I'm looking forward to the follow-up book, "Vile & Vicious Varmints of the Northwoods": not just because I like the artist, but because the cover of the book has a whisper of "Where the Wild Things Are" about it.

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