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4 Convention Days and a Funeral

on September 2, 2011 - 8:35am

It's not as catchy as the movie title, but that does sum up my last week.

I wasn't going to make a public announcement but since there's such a long list of people waiting for some sort of reply from me, I thought it made sense to make a quick post.

On the way home from the convention on Sunday, I was informed of a death in the family. Ever since, I've been out of town helping with paperwork and funeral plans, and dealing with my own grief.

I appreciate sympathies but please don't send them. At this point, positive thoughts and good vibes are much more appreciated than messages of condolences. I'm drained. A death can throw you a steep learning curve where you have to learn a lot of things really fast. You make decisions and do things you never thought you'd have to do.

I now know what to do when a will isn't signed; the process of tracking down legal papers when a lawyer was disbarred years ago; and how to legally dispose of remains in the woods (surreal and much more fun to talk about than actually do).

I feel like I should get a tattoo of some kind. Or that some secret society will send me a certificate in the mail for having lived through such an experience, and offer me membership. Maybe there's free ice cream in it for me.

I joke, but it was a terrible experience.

I share these details so people really understand me when I say I've had a tough week that I need time to recover from. I am happy to put this whole thing behind me, and get back to focusing on the good gruesomeness of Halloween.

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