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2013 Jack O'Lantern

on October 29, 2013 - 1:57pm

I thought I was being a good girl by leaving my pumpkin untouched on the porch. I bought it a bit early, and while I've read that some people carve their pumpkin as early as a week ahead of the big day, my pumpkins never last that long (mainly because they spend part of their evenings in my office). 

I left him on the porch to stay cool and happy.

However, the milder weather we've been having seems to have caused my pumpkin to get some moldy patches.

I rushed it inside, chopped off the bottom, carved out as much of the mold as I could, and I have him soaking in a water bath with a bit of bleach in the hope to help it stick around until at least Friday morning. 

Here's what he looked like prior to his soaking in my sink ;)

Happy Halloween, folks! Two days left! 

Hang on, Mr. Pumpkin. 




halloween spirit's picture

I think it adds character :)

Jami's picture

I'm almost a year late commenting on this post, but just wanted to say that your Jack is absolutely awesome. And you're exceptionally lucky to be able to get such a cool variety of pumpkin locally! I'm in FL and we don't get anything except the traditional orange guys. I love them but I'd also love to be able to nab a few whites or grays.
Anyhow, I'm happy to see you got your site sorted! Looking forward to this season's posts.

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