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"Ghoul Friday" (gul/frid/e; noun)


  1. A female assistant with a range of duties who contributes to the furtherance of an effort

 2.  One who takes delight in the revolting, morbid or loathsome



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The blog is the most active part of this website, and entries are always being added.  In case you miss an announcement there, I post highlights of the most important bits of recent Ghoul Friday information below, from new content elsewhere on the site to upcoming shows. You can see more of these highlights in the News section.

FanExpo is Here! Sept. 3-6, 2015

on August 29, 2015 - 6:04pm

Find me Labour Day Weekend, Thursday to Sunday, at FanExpo.

As always, I will be in Artist Alley, Table AA62 towards the southeast corner of the South Building at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

If you are a local who normally visits me at shows, please note I will regrettably NOT be vending at the Bazaar of the Bizarre (for the first time in several years) because I will be traveling Thanksgiving weekend like all the other crazy Canadians lined up at airports and dashing down highways. I hope to return in 2016 if the show will have me.